Good Earth Records is a record shop located at the corner of Magazine & Octavia St in the heart of Uptown New Orleans.     We specialize in local music and offer the latest releases from New Orleans and Louisiana artists. We have records of every genre, shape, speed, and color for sale at reasonable prices. For example, just a glance into our shop and you can see that there are boxes of old Blues 45s, crates of Hip Hop singles, Psychedelic & Classic Rock Albums as well as Reggae, Soul, Funk, Disco, Latin, Folk & Country Records. We also carry local and contemporary CDs, tapes, 8-tracks, music related books, & music documentaries on DVD.


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If you can't make it to our shop in person, you can browse our selections and order records from the comfort of your home. We ship anywhere!



Do you need background music set up at your business? We can come to you and set up music to be played in your space. No space too big or too small. Also, we do custom record selections for you to give as a gift to yourself or someone special.

Give the gift of music!



Our staff is knowledgable on how to fix old equipment such as turntables, cassette decks, radios, receivers, and speakers. Give us a call and set up an appointment to bring your gear by for an evaluation.