79rs Gang originally formed in 2013 when Big Chief
Romeo Bougere of the 9th Ward Hunters and Big Chief
Jermaine Bossier of the 7th Ward Creole Hunters put their
differences aside and came together to build a bridge with
music, releasing a traditional Mardi Gras Indian music
album (Fire On The Bayou) in 2014. Today, Jermaine and
Romeo - working alongside writer/ producer Eric Heigle
(Arcade Fire, The Soul Rebels, Lost Bayou Ramblers) - have
created an album that is rooted in the unique traditions of
New Orleans Mardi Gras Indian culture, while launching
that culture forward, bringing each track to dance floors
and block parties around the world.

Additional collaborators on Expect the Unexpected include Arcade Fire’s Win Butler, LCD Soundsystem’s Korey Richey, Grammy Award Winning Trumpeter Nicholas Payton, Haitian music collective Lakou Mizik and many more notable musicians.

79rs Gang - Expect the Unexpected LP